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Digital Read out . Ready For Sale  

Different Digital Heavy Duty Weight Scale For All Types OF Industry.

Electnic Weight Scale With 20 inches Stand 24 inces platformEasy Move Able Plateform Weight Scale 200 kg size 20 Inces
Wheel Moveable Weight  ScaleLPG Gas Filling Weight Scales
200 KG Weight Scale300 Kg
Digital Weight MachineElectronic Weight Scale in Pakistan
100 KG Electronic Weight ScaleImported Digital Weight Scale For Bakers
Data Collector RS232 Digital 60 kg Weight Scale
10kg 1g weight  scale
Crane Scale Electronic
1000 KG Weight Scale

Models MKF
100KG  to 1500 KG
Parcels / Freight / Engineering / General Weighing / steel industries /steel traders / plastic industries / scrap weighing.


Imported Weight Scale 100 KG

Portable 100KG Weight Scale

Models CAS ii
100kg to 600kg


Small Weights Scales.

GSM Scale

ACS 30 KG Weight Scale

Digital Weight Indicator With Serial Data RS 232 Out

Table Top Weight Scale For 40 kg

Imported Weight Scale 50 KG

60 kg weight scale

10g to 100 Kg

5g to 60 Kg


  • Rugged construction permits use in all industries.
  • No moving parts will eliminate maintenance cost.
  • Locking at 150% of rated capacity provides overload protection to load cell.
  • 100% Tare facility eliminates error in weighing even if    each container is of different weight.
  • Especially design heavy 3 feet back grill support with hook for stain less steel sheet weighing.
  • High grade steel jumbo size Load Cell is used for rugged use even 60% loads at any corner.
  • Stainless steel cover (optional)
  • Plate form height can increase by placing a stand below plate form as per application.
  • Optional battery operated with in built battery charger.



Weight Scale MKF 5000 at Plant

 Weight Scale 7x5 feet at work

 Weight Scale for Heavy Industry

Heavy Duty Weight Scale

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  • 30 ton Load Cell Assembly&
    Electronic Truck Weight Scale
    Different weighing Application



                                         Custom Design 

                       Weight Scale at Workshop
Best Weight Scale Use in Heavy Industry.
                       2000 kg Single Load Cell Weight Scale For Iron
36x36 inches Electronic Weight Scale 1500 Kg Capaity.
Electronic Floor Scale.
Electronic Floor Scale
Electronic Weight Scale For Cattle Weighing and for Veterinary Use. 
Electronic Veterinary Scale.
60kg / 5g
12x16 inches Stainless steel 
100kg / 10g
14x18 inches Stainless steel
150kg / 10g
16x20 inches Stainless steel
200kg / 20g
18x22 inches Stainless steel
MKF-200 special
200kg / 20g
20x20 inches Stainless steel
300kg / 50g
20x24 inches Stainless steel
MKF-300 Special
300kg / 50kg
24x24 inches Stainless steel
500kg / 50g
24x24 inches Stainless steel
MKF-500 Heavy
500kg / 100g
30x30inches Iron Sheet
MKF600 Heavy
600kg / 100g
30x30 inches Iron Sheet
MKF1000 Heavy
1000kg / 100g
30x30 inches Iron Sheet
MKF1500 Heavy
1500kg / 100g
30x30 inches Iron Sheet
MKF1503 Heavy
1500kg / 100g
36x36 inches Iron Sheet
MKF2500 Heavy
2500kg / 200g
48x56 inches Iron Sheet
MKF5000 Heavy
5000kg / 500g
48x48 inches Iron Sheet
Tare Range To Capacity by Subtraction
Calibration Wireless Remote Control calibration
Minimum Load 2 x Graduation