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About My City Sialkot. سیا لکوٹ تو زندہ رھے گا

Sialkot (PunjabiUrduسیالکوٹ) is a city situated in the north-east of the Punjab province in Pakistan at the foothills of the snow-covered peaks of Kashmir near the Chenab river. It is the capital of Sialkot District and, formerly, it has been the winter-capital of the State of Kashmir. The city is about 125 km (78 mi) north-west of Lahore and only a few kilometres from Indian-controlled Jammu. The recorded history of Sialkot covers thousands of years. Sialkot has, since its foundation, changed hands from HinduBuddhistPersianGreekAfghanTurk,Sikh and British rule to that of present-day Pakistan.. The city is famous for being the birthplace of Allama Iqbal.

Sialkot is an important industrial city of Pakistan. It was once famous as a centre for the manufacture of damascened ware and paper; its modern industries includeOther important industries in Sialkot include Leather TanneriesLeather Garments,Musical InstrumentsSportswear including Martial arts wear , GlovesBadges, Seat and Walking Sticks, CutleryHunting KnivesAir Guns and Shotguns. These are all export-oriented businesses and earn billions of dollars every year in foreign exchange. There are several other allied industries which are working day and night as vendors for the automobile industry of Pakistan. Sialkot has also a rich tradition of producing wooden and steel furniture, rubber products, cooking utensils, bicycles, their tyres and tubes and shoes. Almost every product is exported to the world. Most of the things produced are exported all over the world.

There is a dry port that is run under a trust. This dry port was made by industrialists of the city and Punjab Government helped them. An international airport is also  constructed in the city which was again funded by business community of the city. Several offices deal with business matters. Most important is the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is located at Paris Road, now called Shara-E-Aiwan-E-Tijarat (Chamber of Commerce Road)

Sialkot is the third largest economic hub in Punjab after Lahore and Faisalabad. It is commercially linked with the Lahore Stock Exchange through its Sialkot branch, known as the Sialkot Trading Floor(STF). The State Bank of Pakistan and the Export Promotion Bureau of Pakistan have branch offices in Sialkot. After Karachi, Sialkot is Pakistan's second largest source of foreign exchange earnings through its exports and remittances from the overseas manpower. For the past several decades, the manufacturers and exporters of the city have been awarded the annual National Exports Award by theFederation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Sialkot has an Industrial Estate and anExport Processing Zone. Another Export Processing Zone is planned along the Sialkot Lahore Motorway. The per capita income of Sialkot is ranked among the highest in Pakistan.

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