Electronic Weight Scale sales In Pakistan.
Sales, Service and Spare Parts.

3x6 Feet cattle weight scale,
3x6 feet Cattle Weight Scale



Medical Wheelchair Scale

Medical weigh scale for hospital
Weight scale with wheel chair
Best Quality scale for patients.

Small Scales

16x16 inches Platform size. 150 kg 10 g 2 years guaranty.
Rechargeable battery

Weight scale FOR IRON

30x30 inches platform scale.
For iron stores.
1000kg capacity

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Types of Weight Scales.

  • Electronic Weight scale
  • Bathroom scale
  • Digital scale
  • Smart scale
  • Body composition scale
  • Body fat scale
  • Medical scale
  • Industrial scale
  • Commercial scale
  • Weighing scale
  • Balance scale
  • Beam scale
  • Platform scale
  • Floor scale
  • Truck scale
  • Railroad scale
  • Animal scale
  • Pediatric scale
  • Wheelchair scale
  • Veterinary scale
  • Kitchen scale
  • Food scale
  • Postal scale
  • Shipping scale
  • Luggage scale
  • Bluetooth scale
  • Wi-Fi scale
  • LED display
  • LCD display
  • Talking scale
  • Waterproof scale
  • Dustproof scale
  • Shockproof scale
  • High capacity scale
  • Low capacity scale
  • Accurate scale
  • Durable scale
  • Affordable scale
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Main road Garjakh,
Near police station (thana),
Waseer Hospital
From bypass
Nawab chowk, Gujranwala.