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     Wazan Tech, Electronic Weight Scale (Weight Machines) Pakistan is a manufacturer of Electronic Weighing Scales, Sales, Services, Spare Parts, Digital Balances, Electronic Bench Scales, Electronic Floor Scales, Load Cells, Weight Indicators, Axle Weighing Pads, Axle Weigh Bridge,Truck Scale, Weighing In Motion WIM, Weighing Automation, Cattle Weight Scale, Dairy Weighing System, Cattle Crush, Poultry Farm Weight Scale, Weight Printing System software and Custom Weighing Systems for wide range of weighing applications in the Laboratory, Industrial and Educational markets.
From the past years we have been electronic weighing solution providers across all over The Pakistan.  

Animal Scale,
Electronice Weight Scale for Cattle and Dairy with Cattle Crush System.

Dairy and Cattle weight scales and Cattle Crush are Very rugged and tough in structure.The cattle crush is unquestionably the most important feature of any cattle handling system. This is a strongly built stall or cage for holding cattle, or other livestock safely while they are examined, marked, or given veterinary treatment.  The overall purpose of a crush is to hold an animal still to minimize the risk of injury to both the animal and the operator while work on the animal is performed.
Cattle Crush And Weight Scale.
Electronic Weight Scale For Dairy Cattle Farm with Built in Cattle Crush.Cattle and Dairy Weight ScaleElectronic Cattle Weight Scale For Sale
Complete all Steel structure, fabricated to form a box type squarish grid network in semi bolted construction covered with M.S. Plates duly ribbed. A rugged cubical web unique modular design. The modules consists of Steel deep section main "C" Beams, which are placed longitudinally in the direction of the traffic, which take the real weight.
 Weight Scale For Medical .
Platfarm Weight Scale.
Electronic Weight Scale for Medical and dialysis patients.
weighbridge in Jhang for Sugar Mills
200-500 kg Electronic Weight Scale
Cattle and Dairy Weight Scale
Truck Weighbridge
Cattle Cruse and electronic weight Scale 
Steel Weigh Bridge
 Heavy Duty Floor Scale.
 Base Construction of WeighBridge
Label / Sticker Printing Scale
Electronic weight scale for heavy industry with 4 Load Cells
30x10 weighbridge base construction
Label Printing Electronic Weight Scale .
Construction of WeighBridge
Iron Plateform  of WeighBridge
Truck Weighbridge
Farm Weigh Bridge
Commercial Truck Scale
Weighbridge at  Leather Industry
Basic Electronic Weight Scale.
Iron Plateform  WeighBridge
Truck Weighbridge
Repairing of  Weigh Bridge
Commercial Truck Scale
Weighbridge Load Cell View
Weight Scale for Industrial Use.
Silo ( Tank) with Load cell.
Truck Weighbridge.
weight scales for Industrial Stores
Bin Scale
Weighbridge at Port
Construction of WeighBridge
Iron Plateform  of WeighBridge.
PLC Weighing Automation.
Farm Weigh Bridge
Commercial Truck Scale
Weighbridge with PLC Weighing Automation