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weigh scale for farming agriculture Pakistan

Features :
* Precision Load Cell for High Accuracy.

Wazan Tech Scales are great selection of livestock scales for all 

sizes and types of cattle. All of our livestock scales are perfect

 for  weighing smaller animals. We have livestock scales to 

weigh your Animals like cattle, sheep, goats, dogs or grain.

Multi-purpose livestock scales weigh smaller animals including

  sheep, goats and calves.

 Our cattle scales are designed for easy loading of the cattle onto 

the scales  platforms that are very low to the ground, and tread

 on the scales to keep skittish cattle from slipping and falling.

Our cattle scales are portable and can be leveled to work on

 any surface.


Cattle at Digital Weight Scale

Cattle Weight Scale size 3x6 feet

Goat, Sheep Weight Scale at Office For Farm 

Plate farm for Poultry Farm Electronic Weigh Scale

Weigh Bridge for Livestock and Poultry Farms

Capacity up to 50 Ton. 8x16 feet


Poultry Farm Digital Weight Scale 

Crane Scale / Hanging Scale/ Hooper Scale

Poultry Farm Weight Scale hanging , Crane 

Electronic Crane Scale 200 kg for Poultry Farm

View of Cattle Weighing Scale
Capacity: 1 Ton up to 5 Ton . .

Cattle Weight Scale 1500kg

Cattle Weighing Application 

Animal Weighing Scale for Farm 

Cattle Weight Scale ready for Cattle/Dairy farm

Cattle weight scale with wood Platform

Cattle, Animal Weight Scale. Ready for Shipping


  Models   Capacity   Accuracy

 Platform  Size

WT3000 3000 KG 0.5 kg 3x4 Feet
WT4000 4000 KG ,0.5 kg 3x5 Feet
WT5000 5000 KG 0.5 kg 3x6 Feet
  WT10000 5000 KG 0.5 kg 3x7 Feet
 Custom Design Any,   Any,